Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Postcards from Stanley: Is It Ever Okay to Lie?

My students wrote postcards pretending to be Stanley Yelnats. Stanley's letters lied about his activities at Camp Green Lake. He told her that he was swimming and canoeing instead of digging holes. He did not want his mother to worry about him.

We had a good discussion in class about if Stanley did the right thing. We decided that Stanley really had three choices: to lie, to tell the truth, or to not write at all. Which would you have chosen? Explain your answer.


Anonymous said...

I Would have chose not to write at all. Because I could just tell my Mom when I get back.And that could give me time to think of a good way to tell the truth to my Mom.


Gabby said...

I would choose to tell the truth if I where in Stanley's issue. I would tell the truth because personally for me it hurts inside to lie. Sometimes telling the truth gets you out of trouble! My opinion (almost a fact) is It's never ever okay to lie.

Greg said...

I would have chosen to lie. I would have lied because I wouldn't want my parents to worry. I know it's wrong to lie but I wouldn't want my parents to worry.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie Holes and my family really likes it so I decided to post a comment about it. That is a really good question, I really think he sould just tell the truth so he doesn't feel so guilty. Maybe he would acually have a chance to get out of camp Green Lake. I really like the movie Holes and GREAT question!

Alex said...

I have seen the movie Holls.I think that Stanley shouldn't have lied to his parents too.But I still think that Stanley had to lie I mean you wouldn't want your parents to worry.