Friday, March 20, 2009

Titanic Broadcast:Our Reporters Were on the Scene As News from the Titanic was Reported by the Carpathia!

Zac chose to do an alternate assignment. He wrote a radio broadcasts showing the confusion of the reports after the Titanic sunk. These broadcasts were created in reading class to supplement their normal assignments.
Here is a link to the original post explaining what the students did.

First Broadcast:

Second Broadcast:

Third Broadcast:

Final Broadcast:


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

What a good idea to write a radio broadcast showing the confusion of the situation after the Titanic had sunk. I watched the movie and there must be a fair bit of confusion.

Mrs She
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I think it was a Good idea to make a voice report and act like reporters. I would like to do that to . You had some iteresting subjects like Titanic and Merry Wether Lewis. Good Job& nice choice Of subjects

Ms. Pohanka said...


What a great job you did! I actually got to meet Robert Ballard one time. He spoke at Mary Washington and I went to see him. I was fascinated by what he showed us. He used robots to find stuff under water. He also said he found that there is life far under water even where there is no light!

How did doing the reports help you to understand the material better? I can tell from your project that you really got it!

glenview9 said...

What clear speaking voices you have. It was just like listening to the radio. I wonder what would happen if we had a disaster like the Titanic now. Would we hear about it on the radio, see it on TV or watch it on youtube?

Mr F

Digiduchess said...

What an absolutely wonderful job. I loved all the details. Keep up the good work.

Jessica White said...

Zac, I thought that breaking your radio broadcast into sections was a brilliant idea. So often you see students with just one report about the facts, etc. I really liked the real news effect you brought. We don't always know what is happening when a crisis occurs. Reporters, like you, have to sort out the information and bring listeners up to date with the facts.

Great job! I'm going to share this idea with students & teachers at my school.